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Smartphones contain an FM chip that enables your phone to receive local radio station signals. In times of emergencies, like the hurricanes we have recently witnessed in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean, the Smartphone’s FM chip can be the only connection a person has with lifesaving local information. Smartphones have become our connection to the world. We use them to pay bills, control finances, secure homes, start vehicles, and so much more. But why aren’t we allowed to use them for live and local FM radio?

Smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, are to blame! These manufactures have decided against activating the FM chip even though it has been installed in almost every device sold today! This decision has eliminated a lifeline for individuals in crisis, and has forced consumers to pay for something that should be getting for free!

Smartphone access to local, over-the-air, FM radio stations is literally at our finger tips. You can make a difference by contacting the FCC, your U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, and Smartphone Manufacturer. Tell them that you want the FM chip in your phone activated, NOW!

Get involved…change will not happen unless you make YOUR voice heard today!

Who To Contact

Contact Congress

Contact The FCC

Contact Apple

Contact Verizon

Contact AT&T

Contact T-Mobile

Thank Sprint

Suggested Letter


Dear Senator (or Congressman):

I would like to see the FM chip in all cell phones activated.

First and foremost, in light of recent emergency situations in Houston, Florida, The Caribbean and Puerto Rico with hurricanes, millions of people were without power and had no ability to keep up with severe weather conditions. Had the FM chip been activated, they could have used their cell phone to listen to FM Radio and remained aware and alert to conditions at all times.

In addition, why should I and tens of millions of local radio listeners continue to be forced to pay cellular carriers the extremely high cost of data to stream music on our phones or pay phone manufacturers like Apple for their “pay for play” service or purchase music via Apple iTunes to download music when we could listen to our favorite local radio stations for free if Apple and other phone manufacturers would simply activate the FM Chip that already exists in the Phone we pay several hundred dollars for.

The cell phone giants are, by not activating it, essentially forcing Americans to pay for unnecessary data and purchase music that they could otherwise hear for free. The cell phone has become a utility and it makes no sense that FM radio is purposely and thoughtfully being left out of it. I rely on my local radio station for important news, weather, and alerts. The only possible reason Apple and the cellular carriers have for not allowing the FM Chip to be part of this utility is greed. They have created an unfair market by blocking local radio from participating in the device that is essentially today’s version of the transistor radio.

On behalf of all Americans, I appreciate any help you can provide to create and enforce laws that will require Apple and all cell manufacturers, as well as the cellular carriers to activate the FM Chip on all smartphones sold in the US.

Thank you.

Join Us!

Adams Radio invites all broadcasters to join us in this campaign to get the FM Chip activated.  Please help by airing a similar campaign on your stations.  Feel free to repurpose any information from this website or direct your listeners to this site.  You may also use any of the audio below.  Together, broadcasters working hand in hand with Senator Nelson and other representatives we can finally accomplish this goal.

Ron Stone, CEO, Adams Radio Group 

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